Every sunday healing from distance

Hi everyone,

We hope that you are coping with this difficult situation, and we know many of you are looking forward to the next visit of Roberto and Dr Fritz.

Many of us have had great help in many ways from his spiritual surgeries and of course the Amor Therapy. Regrettably it is now clear that Roberto will not be able to come to The Netherlands until October 2020.

Every sunday a healing from distance at 17h Dutch time
We have spoken with Roberto and we are starting a new project with Dr Fritz and his team of doctors working together at distance. Every Sunday at 17h find a comfortable place to sit for 30 minutes. Place a full bottle of water beside you. This can be tap water. Write down on a piece of paper the things that you ask the Doctors to work on for you, and place it beside you.


Place your right hand on the area of your body where you have a pain or illness. If you have more than one place change position of your hand to the other places during the 30 minutes. If you do not have a physical problem then put your right hand in the middle of your chest. Including anyone who comes for the AMOR Therapy or has stress related issues.

In your mind send a request. Call for Dr Fritz and his team to come to you and continue to work on your situations and to strengthen your immune system.

Do not try to ‘feel’ anything. Just relax. This time is first of all for you and about you…

Please also ask that The Creator, Source, The Light or whatever word you use, to come to this world vibration and guide all mankind out of the worldwide mess we are in.

David Bailey is going to sit at his piano in his home at Rennes-le-Château and put his hands on the keyboard asking for the energy to flow though the music to strengthen the work of the doctors on each one of us and that we may experience the incredible Power, Peace, Stillness and THE LOVE.
We are currently looking for a way to let all of you listen to his music via live-stream. Until that time you could listen to the music from the AMOR or Spiritual Doctors CD. Or just put on some relaxing/healing music.

You can download/purchase Davids music here:

Come back from this meditation after approximately 30 minutes, wiggle your fingers, tap the floor with your feet and take several deep breaths. Drink a glass of the magnetised water every day.

Roberto is going to ask all of his contacts and patients of Dr Fritz WORLDWIDE to do this meditation. Please join us and feel free to send this information to anyone, any group and any network that would be interested in participating.

Again do not expect to feel anything. Sometimes you do…

If you are in a part of the world that 17h Dutch time is during the night then just send your request to the doctors before you go to sleep. Leaving the bottle and the note beside your bed.

Some extra tips for good health and wellbeing:
Take extra vitamin C and D3
Get as much direct sunlight as you can
Eat carefully, food with goodness in it

Look at the trees, mountains, rivers, animals, birds, stars, moon, sun and plants. Look at yourself in a mirror. The Source created all of these wonders and many more.

The world today has become so busy, mankind thinks he knows best and is trying to control the world. He has forgotten the Source and the time has come when we have to stop, realising that we have caused chaos.

We must respect this incredible world, and allow time in our lives to listen to the silence of THE LOVE’.

With loving regards,
Yvonne, Karen and Suzanne
Team HealingBliss

David, Glenn, Roberto and the Institut Dr Fritz

Event coming up in june

It has been a few weeks ago since we have had Roberto Barbosa/Dr Fritz visiting us. We still look back each day with an enormous sense of gratitude and pride on this event and want to thank again the many volunteers that have helped us to make these days so lovingly run.

Follow-up from Roberto’s tour of Europe
We have been so lucky! Roberto has left with his team for Denmark after our event, after which he also had events in Sweden and Austria. However, he had to cancel the event because of the Coronavirus, and had to stay for two more weeks in Denmark before he and his team could fly back to Brazil. Fortunately he has been home again since a few days in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Event coming up in June
We stay in close contact with Roberto at this moment. Of course we can not be sure to tell you whether we would be able to organize a new event in the first weekend of June.
By agreement we have decided to prepare the website for new enrollment in June. This way you can already reserve your place(s). However we will not ask you for any contributions until it is fully clear and responsible to do so.

New Reservation
We will adjust our website with new data. We expect this to be ready within 1,5 week. By then you will receive another message from us.

We hope you have had a nice experience during Dr Fritz’s treatment. If you are willing to share a beautiful experience or result with us we would appreciate it very much. We would like to place it on our website – anonymized if desired -. You may send these experiences to info@healingbliss.nl. We would like to thank you for that!

During the Spiritual Operations Dr Fritz sometimes asked for a soap for a patient, this mostly happened for people with skinproblems. The soap was magnetised during the treatment and given to the patient as an extension of the treatment. These soaps were meant to pay for at the salestable.
We suspect it might have been forgotten by some people. When you realize, while reading this, it was the case, no problem. We would very much appreciate if you would pay for the soap. You can do this by paying € 6,- per soap to NL68SNSB0787834874 in the name of Y. Ros stating ‘Soap’

Thank you!!

We look back on a fantastic event. Thank you very much to all enthusiastic visitors and also a special thanks to all the lovely volunteers who have helped so hard to make this event a great success.

Alcohol for after-treatment

Due to the current situation around Corona, there is little medicinal alcohol available. Know that a glass with for example Jenever or Vodka and even cleaning alcohol will suffice. As long as it has a high alcohol percentage and you empty the glass in the morning.


As we need to pay for a lot of costs in preparation of the event of Roberto / Dr Fritz, it is not possible to return your contribution with a cancelation 8 days before the event. However it is possible to redeem your contribution at the next event of Roberto / Dr Fritz that Healing Bliss is organizing.

We thank you for your understanding.

next event

Are you unable to attend this time or would you like to attend another meeting? You can!
From Friday, June 5 to Monday, June 8, new sessions will be scheduled with Roberto and Dr. Fritz.

After next week’s event we will adjust the website and registration will be opened. So keep an eye on the website!

thank you, sponsors!

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Nice ICT Consultancy and Altior Invest, we can order beautiful T-Shirts for all volunteers during the event. They will therefore be easily recognizable to everyone.

Nice ICT Consultancy and Altior Invest, thank you very much for this!

last seats!

Due to the enormous interest there are not many places available anymore, so do not hesitate any longer if you want to reserve your session(s)!

Saturday, March 7 is fully booked.

On Sunday 8 March we are organizing a very interesting Seminar. There are still around 20 places available.

Monday, March 9, there are still about 5 places available for the spiritual operations at 10 am. The afternoon is fully booked and 8 places are available for the AMOR session on Monday evening.

You don’t want to miss this. Reserve the latest seats quickly via the Tickets page.


We ask everyone to be present well in advance, preferably 45 minutes in advance. You will then receive a number from us.

Roberto starts with a plenary explanation of approximately 45 minutes. Then the sessions start. Twelve people can search for a place in the treatment room at the same time. The treatment itself takes about 10 minutes, after which you can leave the room. We then call up the following persons per number who can take a seat. There are 70 people in total.

Take plenty of time to recover after treatment and avoid strenuous exercise on this day.


We ask everyone to be present well in advance, preferably 45 minutes in advance. You will then receive a number from us.

Roberto starts with a plenary explanation of about half an hour. Then the spiritual operations start. Ten people can search for a place in the treatment room at the same time. The treatment itself takes between 2 and 10 minutes, after which you can leave the room. We then call up the following person (s) who can take a seat per number.

Please take plenty of time to recover after treatment and avoid strenuous exercise on this day.


Due to the high demand for AMOR Sessions, Roberto Barbosa / dr. Fritz has rewarded us an additional AMOR session! This additional session will be held at 19:00 on Monday, March 9th. You can reserve your seats via the Tickets page.


These sessions are fully booked:
Friday 6 march -Spiritual Surgery- 3.00 pm
Friday 6 march – AMOR – 7.00 pm
Saturday 7 march -Spiritual Surgery- 3.00 pm
Saturday 7 march – AMOR – 7.00 pm