Spiritual Surgeries by Dr. Adolph Fritz

Roberto Barbosa (from Brazil) has been a physical medium for Dr Adolf Fritz for more than twenty years. Together they have performed ‘spiritual surgeries’ on over, one hundred thousand people throughout South America, United States and Europe within the charity ‘ Instituto Adolf Fritz’. Dr. Fritz explains, he has a team of over thirty thousand doctors in spirit, who he continues to work with. These are Doctors, who have lived a physical life here on earth, who have since passed into spirit and who wish to continue their own journey by helping us in our own lives.

Due to their previous visits in France, many people have found their medical situation / diagnosis has diminished, returning to normal health, with subsequent visual proof via x-rays and the affirming confirmation from their attending specialist.

During his visit, Roberto and Dr. Fritz will be offering non-invasive, non-manipulative ‘spiritual surgeries’. This implies that the physical body is not to be opened or penetrated by an object. During the day sessions of ‘spiritual surgery’ you may ask for help for three different symptoms or illnesses you wish to work with. They can be physical, emotional or spiritual. You may also wish to eliminate any form of addiction, like alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes, drugs, gambling etc. but also physical complaints as in backache, neckpain, or hormonal disease.

The AMOR Therapy evening sessions, has been developed for people dealing with emotional pain such as anxiety, negative thoughts, depression, or sadness including suicidal feelings. It is an alignment of the mind body and spirit therapy.

Widely used in Latin America, ‘spiritual surgery’ can treat all diseases in addition to modern medical practices. (It is not used to replace Western medicine, and its success is enhanced by the patient’s will.)

There is no charge for these ‘surgeries’ or sessions, however a contribution of 35 euros per your individual appointment is required to cover the expenses. The money will be donated to the association «Instituto Adolf Fritz».

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