No, undergoing Spiritual Surgery for three conditions is a lot for your body. Your body should
get enough rest to recover from this. Dr. Fritz also recognizes those who have previously
undergone Spiritual Operation and can immediately send people away.

This is not always the case. It may even be that the symptoms worsen in the first instance.
That’s okay! Then drink a little more water than you are used to. Some people quickly notice
a positive result from a treatment. Others don't. Sometimes multiple treatments are needed
to get a good and lasting result. You can compare it with a visit to a therapist. There, too, a
very good result cannot always be expected after one treatment.
So do not be disappointed if you do not immediately experience the desired result. It is likely
that many processes have started in your system. Please come again for a consultation!

Dr. Fritz operates in the energetic body. An incision is made in that body so that trauma and
other injuries can leave the body and new, powerful energy can be added to the energetic
body. This wound in the energetic body has to recover, just like a physical body. The patch
allows the wound to close. As soon as the energetic body has healed, the patch will fall off by
itself. Feel free to cut away the loose parts of a patch. This can cause irritation and cause the
last part of the patch to come off faster than desired.
If the patch is removed before the energetic body has healed, this can have unpleasant
consequences. The energetic body is then open, as it were, and can continue to leak energy,
in addition, all the beautiful new energy can also leave the body.