The Foundation Healing Bliss is supported by three talented women, who have the mission to facilitate more WellBeing on earth. Unity, consciousness and connection bring balance to body and spirit. They are aware of the many forms and methods of healing and wish to support the complementary care and treatments. By continuous research for new, innovative holistic treatments they have come across professionals, experience experts en talents.


Yvonne Ros is author, expert in spiritual journeys, spiritual coach, meditation counselor, pyramid healing coach, and magnetizer in daily life.

Yvonne organizes special Spiritual Journeys to Power Places in France and Ibiza. Her deeper connection with Mary Magdalene is reflected in her spiritual journeys and makes them radiate with love, happiness and growth. Her book ‘Power Places in France with Mary Magdalene’ is a spiritual travelogue about her meetings with Mary Magdalene and the cleansing of those power places in France. Her passion is sharing wisdom, and discovering the truth about Mary Magdalene’s life and to connect to powerful women.


Karen Bijlsma – Houtveen is Field Manager, Holistic Energetic Therapist/Coach and Tera- Mai Seichem Healer.

It is Karen’s passion to help people finding their own strength and to make them realize their own wonderful qualities that are already inside themselves. That way many people return to their true path in life filled with joy and love.

With her clear vision she is shown which aspects in people are allowed to work with and her coaching skills can help people to communicate in a loving way and to live a life of love.

These qualities do help her as a Field Manager and as a Therapist.


Suzanne Roels The soprano and actress Suzanne Roels creates from her heart and touches you with her voice.

She gives many recitals, performs often in nature and at other special venues, and lets a wide audience enjoy the beautiful Opera music.She has recorded the CD ‘Les Bijoux’, with French songs of Hahn, Fauré, Chausson and DuParc. She has acted in several productions, for TV and in films. Recently she created her first Onewomanshow ‘A Soul’s Journey’, where she has combined all three of her passions: Opera arias, Shakespeare monologues and dance.

Suzanne calls music, love and humor the three big wings of her soul.